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Get Started: Create Your Link first...

Get Started by adding your Link in AdAlyzerTM to create your Unique AdAlyzerTM Forwarding Link.

Your Ad must direct traffic to the AdAlyzerTM Forwarding Link so that AdAlyzerTM tracks how your Ad is performing!

The Create Link Tool will guide you through 10 Steps to create your Forwarding Link.

  The Create Link Form

Step#1 Tracking Link*
Enter Complete URL for the Link you wish to track:

What is Tracking URL? 
How to enter the URL for your Ad? 

Step#2 Forwarding Link*

Let AdAlyzerTM pick the name of your forwarding link.
I want to pick the name of my tracking link. Enter the name below. Please click here Help : 
What is a Forwarding Link? 
How to name a Link? before you name your link.

  Help : 
What is a Forwarding Link? 
How to name a Link?  [Length: Min 5 Char Long]

Step#3 Branding the Fowarding Link
For Branding purposes, AdAlyzerTM gives you the ability to decide how you want your link to look. If you do not want AdAlyzerTM name in your link, choose the second option. This uses our IP Address followed by the name you choose or the name AdAlyzer picks depending on your selection from Step#2 above. Your link tracking ability will not be effected regardless of your choise here.

Step#4 Sales Tracking Mode
Choose how you would like to track Sales. Manual sales tracking is the default. Manual Sales Tracking mode enables you to change your Total Sales Counter to create Reports. You may also choose to track sales using Cookie Tracking. Remember, if you use the Cookie Tracking method, you will need to insert some code on your sales page for Cookie Tracking. This will enable AdAlyzerTM to track your Sales automatically.

Step#5 Campaign Info
Use the radio buttons to choose the type of ad campaign and then use the drop-down boxes and "Additional Info" field to fine tune the campaign. If your specific type of ad is not listed in the drop-down boxes, then click on "other" and use the "Additional Info" field to describe the campaign.

E-Zine Ad Type
Search Engine
E-mail Advertising
Other Advertising Vehicle
Additional Info

Step#6 Ad Vehicle Name*
Provide the name of the advertising vehicle. If it is an ezine ad campaign, input the name of the ezine. Use this field as necessary to give yourself additional information for statistics later on:

Step#7 Ad Start Date
Provide the date this campaign will begin. If this is a search engine, message board, FFA, etc., give an estimated date. This field will provide you excellent statistics later in the campaign.

[Format: YYYY-MM-DD]

Step#8 Ad Target Count*
If this campaign is an ad, and you know how many people will receive it, input the number here. If this is a search engine, or if you do not know the number, then just enter 0.

[In Number]

Step#9 Offer Headline
If you are offering a special incentive with this ad, input it here. This will allow you to track several similar ads with different offers to see which gives you the best response.

[Ex. Buy One Get One Free, 10% Discount, Free 1-Month Trial, etc.]

Step#10 Ad-Cost*
How much did this particular ad cost? If free, input 0, this field must contain numbers only.

[In number. Amount in Dollar without the Dollar Sign]


Address   U.S. Office: 7129 Oak Ridge Rd. Suite 507, Falls Church, VA 22042 USA
Call us: 703-560-1057, Email:
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